Used 20-50 Ton Truck Crane 36m Five Arm U Shape Boom Low Mileage 33206km

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Used 20-50 Ton Truck Crane 36m Five Arm U Shape Boom Low Mileage 33206km

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: XCMG
Model Number: QY50K-II
Detailed Product Description
Fixed Jib Length: 13~25m Crane Jib: Five Arm
Miles Meter L: 33206km Jib Length: 36m
Used Hours: 5684 Hours Gross Vehicle Weight: 20-50 Tons
Boom Shape: U Shape Boom Style: 5-arm

Product Description:

Welcome to the detailed product summary of our high-quality USED TRUCK CRANE , an essential addition to any construction or heavy lifting project. This second-hand truck hoist has been thoroughly inspected and refreshed to ensure it meets our rigorous standards of performance and reliability. Boasting impressive engine power and a robust five-arm crane jib, this crane is designed to tackle a variety of lifting tasks with ease and precision.

Engine Power and Performance : At the heart of this used mobile crane is a powerful engine that provides an impressive 223/1900 kW/rpm . This level of power ensures that the crane can perform lifting operations smoothly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to move heavy materials. Furthermore, this model features a Max Engine Power of 205/2200 KW/rpm , delivering the extra performance needed for the most demanding tasks.

Traveling Speed and Mobility : With a top traveling speed of 80 Km/h , this refreshed truck hydraulic crane can be easily and quickly moved to different sites, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The ability to travel at such speeds is particularly beneficial for projects that require the crane to be mobile and able to respond rapidly to changing work environments.

Operational History : The miles meter of this pre-owned crane reads a low 33206km , which is indicative of its light usage and the care it has received throughout its operational life. This low mileage not only suggests that the crane has much life left in it but also underscores the value that it represents for buyers looking for a reliable second-hand option.

Crane Jib and Lifting Capacity : One of the standout features of this crane is its five-arm crane jib , which provides exceptional reach and flexibility. The multiple sections allow for a greater range of motion and lifting options, making it easier to navigate around obstacles and position loads precisely. This versatility is essential for complex lifting operations and is a significant advantage over cranes with fewer jib sections.

Quality and Reliability : As a leading provider of used construction equipment, we understand the importance of reliability and quality. That's why this used mobile crane has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment process to ensure that all components are in excellent working condition. From the hydraulic systems to the engine and structural integrity, every aspect of the crane has been checked and refreshed as necessary to provide you with a product that performs like new.

Investment Value : Investing in a second-hand truck hoist like this one can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing brand new equipment. Not only do you benefit from a lower purchase price, but you also get the assurance of having a crane that has already proven its capability in the field. Moreover, the maintenance and operational costs are often more manageable, making this an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their lifting capabilities without incurring significant financial outlay.

In summary, this USED TRUCK CRANE represents an excellent opportunity for those in need of a dependable and efficient lifting solution. With its powerful engine, high traveling speed, low mileage, versatile five-arm jib, and refreshed condition, it is ready to contribute to the success of your projects. We invite you to consider this outstanding piece of equipment as a valuable addition to your fleet, offering you the performance of a new crane at a fraction of the cost.


  • Product Name: USED TRUCK CRANE
  • Year Of Manufacture: 2020
  • Miles Meter: 33206km
  • Overall Weight: 55000kg
  • Used Hours: 5684 Hours
  • Jib Length: 36m
  • Keywords:
    • Used Mobile Crane
    • Pre-owned Truck Crane

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Used Hours 5684 Hours
Miles Meter L 33206km
Fixed Jib Length 13~25m
Power 276/1900 Kw/rpm
Crane Jib Five Arm
Boom Style 5-arm
Year Of Manufacture 2020
Overall Weight 55000kg
Max Engine Power 205/2200 KW/rpm
Tire Size 11.00R20 Or 12.00R20


The XCMG QY50K-II is a versatile and powerful used mobile crane that serves a wide range of applications and scenarios. Originating from CHINA, this second-hand truck hoist boasts considerable engine power with its performance measured at 223/1900 Kw/rpm and a peak power output of 276/1900 Kw/rpm, making it suitable for demanding lifting tasks. With a jib length of 36m, it provides ample reach for various construction and maintenance jobs.

One common application for the XCMG QY50K-II is in the construction industry. Its robust design and substantial lifting capacity make it ideal for erecting structures, lifting heavy beams, and placing construction materials at considerable heights. The used truck crane can be seen on large-scale building sites, where its 33206km mileage is a testament to its reliability and durability over many projects.

Another scenario where this second-hand truck hoist excels is in infrastructure development. It can be utilized for bridge construction and highway overpass projects where the crane's ability to travel at speeds up to 80 Km/h facilitates efficient movement between job sites, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The XCMG QY50K-II is well-suited for urban development projects as well, including the installation of street lights, signage, and public art installations.

In addition to construction, the used mobile crane is also perfect for use in industrial environments such as ports, shipyards, and warehouses. It can handle container lifting and movement, heavy equipment installation, and maintenance tasks. The reliability of the XCMG brand ensures that the machine can withstand the rigorous demands of constant heavy lifting and operation in these tough environments.

Emergency and recovery operations also benefit from the capabilities of the XCMG QY50K-II. In disaster relief scenarios, the crane can be deployed for rescue operations, clearing debris, and reconstructing essential infrastructure quickly and efficiently, proving that even as a second-hand truck hoist, it can be a critical asset in response efforts.

Overall, the XCMG QY50K-II second-hand truck hoist is a highly adaptable and reliable piece of machinery that provides significant value across various industries. Its proven track record, indicated by its substantial mileage and performance, ensures that it remains a sought-after option for those needing a used mobile crane that offers power, speed, and extensive reach.


Brand Name: XCMG

Model Number: QY50K-II

Place of Origin: CHINA

Fixed Jib Length: 13~25m

Boom Style: 5-arm

Miles Meter L: 33206km

Overall Weight: 55000kg

Gross Vehicle Weight: 20-50 Tons

Discover our selection of Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane models, including the robust XCMG QY50K-II. This Used Mobile Crane has been meticulously maintained to ensure reliable performance on your job site. Originating from CHINA, it features a versatile 5-arm boom style and a fixed jib length ranging from 13 to 25 meters, accommodating various lifting needs. With 33206km on the miles meter and an overall weight of 55000kg, this Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane is ready to contribute to your fleet's capabilities.


Q1: What is the lifting capacity of the XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane?

A1: The XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane has a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons, making it suitable for a range of lifting operations.

Q2: What is the maximum boom length of the XCMG QY50K-II?

A2: The maximum boom length of the XCMG QY50K-II is designed to extend to a considerable length, providing significant reach for various lifting tasks. Please contact the seller for the exact figure.

Q3: Can the XCMG QY50K-II operate in rough terrain?

A3: While the XCMG QY50K-II is a robust and versatile truck crane, its suitability for rough terrain would depend on the specific ground conditions and setup. It is recommended to consult with the seller for more details on the crane's capabilities.

Q4: Is the XCMG QY50K-II easy to transport?

A4: Yes, the XCMG QY50K-II is designed with transportation in mind. It is mounted on a truck chassis, making it relatively easy to move from one job site to another. However, due to its size and weight, you may need to comply with transportation regulations.

Q5: How can I ensure the XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane is in good working condition?

A5: To ensure the XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane is in good working condition, it is recommended to inspect the crane thoroughly before purchase. This includes checking the mechanical and hydraulic systems, boom condition, and overall wear and tear. Additionally, inquire about maintenance records and any recent repairs or replacements.

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