Heavy Duty 55000kg Crane with Five Arm Jib 36m Jib Length 276/1900 KW Power Truck Crane

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Heavy Duty 55000kg Crane with Five Arm Jib 36m Jib Length 276/1900 KW Power Truck Crane

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: XCMG
Model Number: QY50K-II
Detailed Product Description
Jib Length: 36m Overall Weight: 55000kg
Used Hours: 5684 Hours Crane Jib: Five Arm
Max Engine Power: 205/2200 KW/rpm Fixed Jib Length: 13~25m
Boom Shape: U Shape Power: Kw/rpm 276/1900

Product Description:

The Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane is a formidable player in the lifting and construction industry, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction sites and various lifting tasks. This used mobile crane has been expertly maintained and refurbished to ensure that it delivers performance that is close to that of a new crane, ensuring that buyers receive excellent value for their investment. With a robust 5-arm boom style and an impressive jib length of 36 meters, this machine is built to handle a diverse range of lifting operations with ease and precision.

One of the most significant features of this crane is its powerful engine. With a maximum engine power of 205/2200 KW/rpm, this Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane can tackle even the most challenging projects with efficiency and reliability. The engine's strength is perfectly complemented by the crane's advanced hydraulic system, which provides smooth and precise control over the boom and jib movements, ensuring that heavy loads can be lifted and maneuvered with the utmost safety and accuracy.

The overall weight of this crane stands at 55000kg, which contributes to its stability and lifting capacity. Despite its substantial weight, the crane is designed with a perfect balance that allows for smooth transportation and operation on various terrains. The robust tire configuration, available in sizes 11.00R20 or 12.00R20, provides excellent traction and mobility, making it easier to move the crane to different locations within a construction site or to transport it between sites. The tires are built to withstand heavy loads and rough surfaces, ensuring that the crane can be deployed in a wide range of environments without compromising on performance or safety.

As a used mobile crane, this Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane has gone through a thorough inspection and refurbishment process to ensure that all components are in top working condition. This includes a complete check of the mechanical systems, hydraulic circuits, structural integrity, and safety features. Buyers can have peace of mind knowing that the crane has been updated and maintained to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for their lifting needs.

The five-arm boom design is not only strong but also provides excellent reach and versatility. This enables the crane to perform a wide array of lifting tasks, from lifting heavy construction materials to placing large prefabricated components with precision. Additionally, the crane's jib extends to a length of 36 meters, offering ample reach for high-rise construction projects or tasks that require an extended operating radius. This feature is particularly useful for projects that involve complex lifting scenarios where space and height constraints are a factor.

Furthermore, the Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane boasts a comfortable and ergonomic operator's cabin, which is designed to reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity. The controls are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for operators to perform precise lifting operations. The cabin also provides excellent visibility, which is crucial for safe and efficient crane operation.

In conclusion, this Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane represents an exceptional combination of reliability, performance, and value. Its substantial jib length, powerful engine, and advanced hydraulic capabilities make it a top choice for a variety of lifting tasks. The crane's overall weight and tire size contribute to its stability and ease of transport, while its refurbished condition guarantees a level of performance that is on par with that of a new crane. Whether for construction, infrastructure, or industrial projects, this used mobile crane is ready to deliver outstanding results and enhance the operational capabilities of its new owner.


  • Product Name: USED TRUCK CRANE
  • Traveling Speed: 80 Km/h
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 20-50 Tons
  • Crane Jib: Five Arm
  • Overall Weight: 55000kg
  • Jib Length: 36m
  • Keywords: Pre-owned Truck Crane, Used Mobile Crane, Secondhand Mobile Crane

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Boom Shape U Shape
Year Of Manufacture 2020
Max Engine Power 205/2200 KW/rpm
Gross Vehicle Weight 20-50 Tons
Tire Size 11.00R20 Or 12.00R20
Jib Length 36m
Fixed Jib Length 13~25m
Power Kw/rpm 276/1900
Crane Jib Five Arm
Engine Power 223/1900 Kw/rpm


The XCMG QY50K-II Pre-owned Truck Crane offers a blend of reliability, performance, and versatility for various lifting applications. This robust and refreshed truck hydraulic crane, originating from CHINA , is ideal for construction sites, infrastructure projects, and industrial lifting tasks. With a significant miles meter reading of 33206km, it demonstrates a seasoned history of operations while still offering the durability and performance expected from the XCMG brand.

Equipped with a dynamic U Shape Boom , the XCMG QY50K-II ensures superior lifting capabilities and stability. The intuitive design of the five-arm crane jib allows for intricate and precise movements, making it perfect for job sites with complex lifting requirements. Whether it's for the construction of high-rise buildings, the installation of heavy industrial equipment, or the loading and unloading of materials, this pre-owned truck crane stands as a cost-effective solution.

The XCMG QY50K-II boasts a maximum engine power of 205/2200 KW/rpm, providing the strength needed to tackle a variety of lifting tasks. This power, combined with a top traveling speed of 80 Km/h, enables operators to move the crane efficiently from one location to another, maximizing productivity and reducing transit time on the job site.

As a Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane , the QY50K-II has been meticulously maintained to ensure that it meets the high standards of performance and safety expected in the industry. It is an excellent choice for enterprises looking for an affordable, yet reliable lifting solution. The crane's adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including municipal projects, port operations, and logistic enterprises.

Ultimately, the XCMG QY50K-II Used Truck Crane represents a strategic investment for businesses that require high-quality lifting equipment without the expense of a brand-new unit. Its provenance from CHINA's renowned manufacturer XCMG guarantees that even as a pre-owned machine, it delivers efficiency, durability, and operational excellence on any project it undertakes.


Brand Name: XCMG

Model Number: QY50K-II

Place of Origin: CHINA

Fixed Jib Length: 13~25m

Jib Length: 36m

Boom Style: 5-arm

Year Of Manufacture: 2020

Crane Jib: Five Arm

Explore our range of Pre-owned Truck Cranes , carefully refurbished to offer you a reliable and efficient service. This XCMG QY50K-II is a testament to quality engineering from CHINA, and with a Fixed Jib Length of 13~25m and a Jib Length of 36m, it is ready to tackle a variety of lifting tasks. The 5-arm boom style ensures flexibility and strength, making this Pre-owned Truck Crane a valuable asset for your construction needs. Despite being a Pre-owned Truck Crane , it has been maintained meticulously since its manufacture in 2020.


Q1: What is the brand and model of the used truck crane being offered?

A1: The used truck crane is the XCMG brand, model number QY50K-II.

Q2: Can you provide information about where the used truck crane was manufactured?

A2: Yes, the used XCMG QY50K-II truck crane originates from CHINA.

Q3: What is the lifting capacity of the XCMG QY50K-II truck crane?

A3: The XCMG QY50K-II truck crane has a lifting capacity of 50 tons.

Q4: What are the dimensions of the XCMG QY50K-II truck crane?

A4: For specific dimensions of the XCMG QY50K-II truck crane, please refer to the product specification sheet or contact us directly for detailed measurements.

Q5: How can I ensure the used XCMG QY50K-II truck crane is in good working condition?

A5: We recommend inspecting the crane personally or hiring a professional inspector to assess the condition of the crane before purchase. Additionally, service records and maintenance history can provide insights into the crane's condition.

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