U Shape 5-Arm Crane with 205/2200 KW Engine Power 33206km 80 Km/h Traveling Speed

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U Shape 5-Arm Crane with 205/2200 KW Engine Power 33206km 80 Km/h Traveling Speed

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: XCMG
Model Number: QY50K-II
Detailed Product Description
Tire Size: 11.00R20 Or 12.00R20 Max Engine Power: 205/2200 KW/rpm
Miles Meter L: 33206km Traveling Speed: 80 Km/h
Boom Style: 5-arm Year Of Manufacture: 2020
Boom Shape: U Shape Used Hours: 5684 Hours

Product Description:

The pre-owned truck crane on offer stands as an exemplary representation of strength and reliability in the used mobile crane market. This formidable machine comes with a robust five-arm boom style that is designed to deliver superior performance in various lifting operations. The crane's boom is a testament to its versatility and is capable of handling a wide range of loads, making it an indispensable asset for construction, maintenance, and industrial projects.

Mobility is a critical factor for any crane, and this used truck crane excels with a commendable traveling speed of up to 80 Km/h. This feature ensures that the crane can be swiftly transported to different sites, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. The high-speed capability makes it an ideal choice for projects that require a quick response and for operations spread across vast distances.

The crane jib of this used mobile crane is a five-arm design, a configuration that provides a perfect balance between reach and strength. This design allows the crane to lift loads with exceptional precision and stability, which is vital for the safety and efficiency of lifting operations. The five-arm jib is a feature that is sought after in the second-hand truck hoist market for its proven track record of performance.

Powering this beast is an engine that boasts a maximum power output of 205/2200 KW/rpm. This robust engine ensures that the crane operates at peak efficiency, delivering the necessary muscle to tackle even the most challenging tasks. The power unit of this crane is well-maintained, ensuring reliability and continuity in operations, which is a crucial consideration for any potential buyer in the market for a pre-owned truck crane.

Another significant aspect of this used truck crane is its fixed jib length, which ranges from 13 to 25 meters. This range offers considerable flexibility in terms of reach, allowing for the execution of tasks at various heights and distances. The fixed jib is designed for quick and easy assembly, which greatly reduces setup times and allows for more efficient use of the crane on multiple projects.

When it comes to purchasing a used mobile crane, buyers are often concerned about the longevity and durability of the equipment. This second-hand truck hoist addresses such concerns with a history of well-documented maintenance and care. It has undergone rigorous inspections and servicing to ensure that it meets high operational standards, which provides peace of mind to the new owners that the crane will perform reliably for years to come.

The control systems of this crane are highly intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of experience. The ergonomic design of the controls reduces operator fatigue and enhances safety, which is paramount when handling heavy loads. The crane also features modern safety systems that monitor the operational parameters and prevent overloading, further ensuring the welfare of the operators and the integrity of the load.

In conclusion, this pre-owned truck crane embodies the perfect blend of power, precision, and performance. Its five-arm boom style, high traveling speed, and powerful engine make it a formidable player in the used mobile crane market. The variable fixed jib length adds to its versatility, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Potential buyers looking for a reliable and robust second-hand truck hoist will find this crane to be an excellent choice that offers a strong return on investment. With its solid construction and proven track record, this crane is ready to contribute to the success of your projects.


  • Product Name: USED TRUCK CRANE
  • Boom Shape: U Shape
  • Traveling Speed: 80 Km/h
  • Fixed Jib Length: 13~25m
  • Max Engine Power: 205/2200 KW/rpm
  • Overall Weight: 55000kg
  • Keywords: Refreshed Truck Hydraulic Crane
  • Keywords: Used Mobile Crane
  • Keywords: Second-hand Truck Hoist

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Fixed Jib Length 13~25m
Power Kw/rpm 276/1900
Tire Size 11.00R20 Or 12.00R20
Crane Jib Five Arm
Jib Length 36m
Gross Vehicle Weight 20-50 Tons
Overall Weight 55000kg
Max Engine Power 205/2200 KW/rpm
Year Of Manufacture 2020
Boom Style 5-arm


The XCMG QY50K-II is a robust and versatile second-hand truck hoist, engineered to deliver exceptional lifting performance in a variety of applications and scenarios. Originating from CHINA, where precision in heavy machinery is a revered attribute, this pre-owned truck crane has a year of manufacture of 2020, indicating that it still retains much of its operational integrity and modern features.

With a significant gross vehicle weight capacity of 20-50 tons, the XCMG QY50K-II is well-suited for projects in construction, infrastructure development, and industrial applications where heavy lifting is a prerequisite. The overall weight of the crane is 55000kg, which provides the stability and sturdiness required for executing complex lifting tasks on diverse worksites. Whether it is for erecting steel structures, placing large precast elements, or positioning heavy machinery in factories, this second-hand truck hoist is up to the task.

Due to its ability to reach a traveling speed of up to 80 Km/h, the XCMG QY50K-II ensures that transitioning between project sites is efficient and time-saving, which is a vital consideration for businesses looking to optimize operational productivity. The relatively low miles meter reading of 33206km indicates that this pre-owned truck crane has a substantial service life ahead, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance or reliability.

Construction sites often require heavy lifting equipment that can be quickly deployed. The XCMG QY50K-II meets this need with its optimal mobility and lifting prowess. In scenarios such as urban development, where space is at a premium and precision is non-negotiable, this second-hand truck hoist demonstrates its worth by maneuvering in confined spaces and delivering the required lifting capacity with ease.

For projects that demand rapid setup and operational readiness, such as disaster relief or temporary installations, the XCMG QY50K-II pre-owned truck crane emerges as a dependable ally. Its ease of transport and swift operational setup make it an invaluable asset in time-sensitive operations where rapid response is critical.

In conclusion, the XCMG QY50K-II represents a reliable and efficient solution for a range of lifting needs. Its origin, CHINA, assures a standard of manufacturing that is respected worldwide, making this second-hand truck hoist a smart investment for businesses seeking to bolster their heavy lifting capabilities without incurring the costs associated with brand-new equipment.


Brand Name: XCMG

Model Number: QY50K-II

Place of Origin: CHINA

Year Of Manufacture: 2020

Tire Size: 11.00R20 Or 12.00R20

Miles Meter: 33206km

Overall Weight: 55000kg

Max Engine Power: 205/2200 KW/rpm

Discover our range of Pre-owned Truck Cranes , including the high-quality XCMG QY50K-II. This Second-hand Truck Hoist is from CHINA, boasting reliable performance with a substantial mileage of 33206km, and was manufactured in 2020. It has a robust overall weight of 55000kg and delivers maximum engine power for demanding tasks. Tire size options include 11.00R20 or 12.00R20, ensuring that this Used Truck Crane is ready to meet your specific needs.


Q1: What is the lifting capacity of the XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane?

A1: The XCMG QY50K-II used truck crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 50 tons, allowing for substantial heavy lifting operations.

Q2: What are the main features of the XCMG QY50K-II model?

A2: The XCMG QY50K-II model features a hydraulic control system, a telescopic boom, and a sophisticated load moment indicator among other features. It is designed for efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation.

Q3: Can the XCMG QY50K-II be used in rough terrain?

A3: Yes, the XCMG QY50K-II truck crane is equipped with sturdy axles and a suspension system that allows it to perform well in various terrains, though it is primarily designed for operation on firm and level surfaces.

Q4: What is the boom length of the XCMG QY50K-II?

A4: The XCMG QY50K-II features a telescopic boom that can extend to various lengths, providing excellent reach and flexibility for different lifting tasks. Please contact us for specific details on the maximum boom length.

Q5: How can I verify the condition of a used XCMG QY50K-II truck crane?

A5: To verify the condition, you should inspect the crane in person or ask for a comprehensive condition report, service records, and any available inspection certificates. It's also advisable to see the crane in operation if possible.

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